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After two election cycles that have produced many questions and concerns about the validity of our elections nationwide, multiple citizens of Mille Lacs County resolved to take a close review of our local elections to ensure the integrity.

The course of action and results of that inquiry are as follows:

Cast Vote Records (CVR) requests began in August 2022 only to be stonewalled.

Concerned citizens were given less than acceptable excuses as to why access to this public information

was not being made available:

1. We don’t have them

2. That feature was not turned on

3. We have to consult the Secretary of State

4. It is not public information

Mille Lacs County employees received instructions from the highly partisan and corrupt

Minnesota Secretary of States office to stall requests.

Our highly partisan Minnesota State Legislature then:

Changed the laws July 1, 2023, permanently to deny access to what was public information.

Made it illegal for Mille Lacs County as well as counties throughout Minnesota to choose to not use the voting machines.



Mille Lacs County will conduct a hand count of all ballots in all future elections; comparing the results to those calculated by the voting machines.

A CVR is an electronic record of a voter's selections, with usually one CVR created per sheet (page) of a ballot. Election results are produced by tabulating the collection of CVRs, and audits can be done by comparisons of the paper ballots or paper records of voter selections against the CVRs.

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